Pig price breaks all records

LELYSTAD - The DCA Stock Exchange Pigs has reached an all-time high this Friday, November 15.

A new record has been set with a listing of 1.84. With this the price including VAT is broken by the magic limit of 2.00. The history of the DCA Beursprijs 2.0, the most important listing in this market, goes back to 2005 and since then the prices for pigs have never been so high in the Netherlands.

The underlying reason for the huge increase in the past year is the huge demand for pork in China. This increased demand has its origins in the African swine fever in China. The impact of this is that the pig population has shrunk by half. And the effects last.

Experts expect the low point of the Chinese pork supply to be reached next year. And that it will only be at the level of last year well after 2025.

This means that China has to import a lot of extra meat to meet the needs of the local population.

All this has led to the DCA listing for pork parts showing a big plus for weeks.